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Hope After Betrayal

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I love spring. Even when I lived in So. California and there was no shortage of sun, the light of spring seemed different. Now that I live in the Pacific Northwest, I look forward to the explosion of pink and white petals which seems to come out of nowhere. When those first fruit trees burst forth their floral announcement of spring, something comes alive in me. Something called Hope. There have b... Read More »

Out From the Cold

Out From the Cold

This is the time of year for lights, packages, and a frenzied pursuit of the “Merry” that is Christ-mas. Even in the Christian community we buy in to the “make it special” mind set with the end-less holiday pageants, singing trees, and “Jesus is the reason for the season” bumper stickers. We do as the world, but we add a Christian spin to it. Is Jesus really the reason we shop, light, ... Read More »



There is a sticky substance that once it gets into my heart and mind, seems to grow. If left un-checked, soon I’m drowning. I had to deal with this black goop a lot after my husband’s disclosure regarding his sexual sin. That was 15 years ago. Much like cleaning up an oil spill, it took a lot of time and the careful removing of every dark and sticky thought. The substance is self-loathing. Whe... Read More »

A Tale of Two Pretties!

I was enjoying the graduation party of my friend’s son this weekend when the idea for this blog jumped into my head. I was looking at this good looking high school graduate about to take off on a college adventure with a full-ride scholarship and a houseful of folks who will be praying for his success. I saw in his eyes, he has no idea what is ahead and the excitement of the unknown. Then I got ... Read More »